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Awesome!! Walked in in excruciating right side pain from shoulder up to neck and down the right side from shoulder to waist. My range of motion was really limited therefore I could not use right arm for much. After first treatment I was able to sleep through the night without pain. While dull pain existed my range of motion increased and I was able to use my arm once again. I was wary of accupuncture at first but I had a good experience. Words cannot fully express how grateful I am. Thank you....
Ah-mazing! I'm very confident in referring people to see Nadia. I have had acupuncture before and know that it works but Nadia made me a BELIEVER!!! She is simply amazing!
Nadia is excellent! I was at Eastlake Acupuncture yesterday and had the usual caring and excellent treatment I always receive from Nadia. The original issue for which I came to her for, a 2 1/2 year painful nagging left wrist tenosynovitis was amazingly cured several months ago. I had tried everything & finally got a referral from pain management. I was not convinced it would help and was pleasantly surprised. Now I continue to go monthly to help relieve stress. Can't recommend Nadia highly enough!
Amazing experience every time Nadia is no less than a miracle worker. I have not had a migraine since I began treatment. She makes every session personal and is truly concerned about my well-being and progress. I am absolutely addicted to acupuncture and wouldn't go to any one else!
TMJ Nadia is a very capable and competent practitioner. She treats my chronic headaches and TMJ. After a couple of sessions, I have mobility in my neck that i havent experienced in a decade. I highly recommend.
Relief of lower back pain Nadia was very excellent at helping me. I had intense pain in my lower back and weakness in my legs which she helped me with the sessions. My acupuncture sessions helped me manage the pain and inflammation associated with my lower back pain. I am very happy with the results.
Renewal The hairline needles, lavender scent, heat, darkened room, hawaiian music, mini massage resulted in deep relaxation and less pain. Thank you Nadia!
Great Experience I signed up for 6 weeks of treatments and after only two weeks I have relief from pain. The whole experience with acupuncture, aromatherapy and soothing music is a much needed break from a busy day! Nadia is attentive and professional.
Great acupuncture I recently had an acupuncture appt. with Nadia. She was great! After one session, I felt amazing. I could already feel some relief from my pain. She was very informative and seemed to truly care about my needs and goals. I would highly recommend Nadia at Eastlake Acupuncture & Massage!
Great experience Nadia was very good about tailoring the sessions to meet my needs. More intense when I had more intense symptoms, and lighter as I started to feel better. My acupuncture sessions definitely helped me manage the pain and inflammation associated with my lower back pain so I could let my body heal.
great service Nadia is AMAZING. I WILL BE RETURNING TO SEE HER. I recc. Eastlake Acupuncture and Massage to anyone. It was a very relaxing experience.
Incredible I have been blown away by how much acupuncture has helped me! Nadia has helped control my chronic migraine and debilitating monthly cramps. I was a huge skeptic. I am now a believer and an advocate. In addition to that, the sessions are incredibly relaxing. Nadia is a true professional with a demeanor that is just unbeatable. I am moving soon and one of the worse things about it is that I cannot take her with me!
Very happy customer! I've been so impressed with Nadia's professionalism, knowledge and healing abilities! I've had chronic back pain from bulging discs for years and have tried everything. This is the first time I've really seen any progress in my pain relief without the use of medications! I look forward to my appointments every week!
Healing & wellbeing The tratments I recieved by Nadia were just so beneficial for my wellbeing I would recommend this to anyone seeking healing and balance in their lives.
Relaxing and Soothing! Nadia created a very relaxing and soothing treatment by her knowledgeable and quick placement of needles, her use of lavender oil to calm my senses and the provision of music sounding like water. Before leaving me in that peaceful state, she made sure I was warm. The result was a treatment of deep relaxation and less pain in my arthritic joints.
Fantastic ! I have had actupucture several different places till I found this one. The office is a very clean and relaxing atmosphere. The staff is friendly. My technication was very knowledgable and let me know every step she was doing. I would recommend this to anyone.
eastlake acupuncture My experience at eastlake acupuncture has been wonderful. Nadia is professional and caring and truly makes every acupuncture session a soothing one. I would recommend eastlake acupuncture to anyone who needs relaxation or pain relief.
Every penny worth it! I've been a patient of Nadia for more than 6 months now. She is really great! Nadia is very patient and understanding. I'm feeling much better compared to 6 months ago. I wish I've gone to her much earlier before I spent a lot of money for other doctors.